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Your electronic student portfolio will be created using Microsoft PowerPoint include a slide for all of the assignments for modern technology.
Things to keep in mind while working on your portfolio.
  1. Every page should be clearly readable
  2. Include graphics
  3. Don't wait until the last minute.
Index Page Table of Contents
  • Powhatan High School
  • Technology Foundations
  • Full Name
  • Block
  • Date
3rd 9 Weeks Assignments to Include in your Electronic Portfolio
  1. Exploring Mechanisms
  2. Black History Poster Design
  3. Graphic Design Headshot 2/7/2006
  4. Mousetrap Vehicle
  5. Radio Broadcasting
  6. Radio Copy (Screenshots Acceptable)
  7. Recorded Radio Show Presentations MP3 File
  8. Computer Graphic Design (GIMP)
  9. Halloween mask made out of your Face Using (GIMP)
  10. Movie poster (GIMP)