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Computer Graphic Design

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The Computer Graphic Design module introduces students to the techniques and technology that help produce logos and their use in various communications media. Students explore their creative design potential, which may inspire them to pursue careers in the graphic design field.
Module Details:
The module first presents how computers are used to create symbols and pictures. It also explores the impact these graphics have in advertisements, business’ and associations’ stationery, and promotional items like t-shirts and note pads. Students also learn the principles that explain why such items are produced and the purpose they serve for today’s organizations. With this foundation of knowledge, students try out their own creative ideas and skills with various computer graphic techniques.

Students continue by exploring more complex applications of graphic design software. They use their expanding abilities to create logos and stationery for companies (either real or fictional). Students also complete independent-study projects, for which they determine their objectives and plans for meeting these goals.

Topic Coverage:
  • Graphic-arts and computer-graphics terminology
  • Graphic art as a communications medium
  • Graphic elements (lines, shapes, patterns, color, text, and special effects) and creation of visually effective communications
  • Purposes and principles underlying graphic elements (e.g., logos, stationery, stickers, t-shirts, note pads)
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