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Exploring Mechanisms

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Labvolt Exploring Mechanisms Trainer

The Exploring Mechanisms module introduces the scientific concepts and components that make machines work. Students also learn about careers in mechanical systems, construction, and manufacturing, where they can expand and apply the knowledge gained in this module.
Module Details:
This module teaches students how the principles of work, power, force, energy and torque are applied in various types of mechanisms. Several hands-on experiments demonstrate how these factors make it possible to perform simple functions, like opening doors, to complex tasks, like moving boulders and houses.

Students also construct simple machines with gear trains, timing belt chains, O-ring chains, pulleys, and other devices. These activities allow them to learn first-hand how mechanical advantage is achieved with these mechanisms.

Topic Coverage:
  • Principles of work, power, force, energy, and torque
  • Gear trains, timing belt chains, O-ring chains, and pulleys that demonstrate how mechanical advantage is achieved as well as the direction of rotation and tension
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