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Radio Broadcasting

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The Radio Broadcasting module demonstrates the variety of knowledge and skills needed in this industry. Students produce radio programs and commercials using authentic equipment. They also learn about government regulations, the media industry, and career opportunities.
Module Details:
First, students are introduced to the Federal Communications Commission’s guidelines and protocols for the radio broadcasting industry. They learn about radio-broadcasting equipment, including a CD player, cassette recorder, amplifier, speakers, microphone, mixing panel, cables, and wiring harness components. Students use this equipment and apply their new skills to perform production techniques.

With this background, students further develop their technical skills, as well as creative talents. They produce radio broadcasts, complete with DJ chatter, music, commercials, newscasts and public service announcements. Then, they perform their programs and “broadcast” them through cassette recorders (nothing is sent over real airwaves).

Topic Coverage:
  • Basic elements of commercial writing and production, broadcast writing styles, news reporting, recording techniques, and program formatting
  • Production techniques required to create a successful radio broadcast
  • General radio broadcasting guidelines and protocols as determined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
  • Use of radio broadcasting equipment
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