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Scroll Saw

Scroll Saw General Information

The scroll saw is used for cutting curved or irregular shapes. Its primary advantage over other saws is that the blade can be inserted through an opening in the work to make inside cuts. This allows for inside cuts to be made without cutting through the work. Narrow blades can also be installed to do very intricate work. These two applications make the scroll (jig) saw very useful for small, detailed work.

Scroll Saw Fundamentals:

Install the blade with the teeth facing down. This will hold the work down against the table.
Adjust and check the blade tension according to the machine manufacturer's guidelines.
The hold-down should be secure against the stock.

Scroll Saw Safety Quiz Questions

1. What is the main use of a scroll saw? What makes it so good?
2. Which way is the blade put on the saw?
3. How should you have the hold-down set when using the scroll saw?
4. How does the scroll saw turn rotary motion into reciprocating motion?

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