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Drill Press

Delta Drill Press

Delta Drill Press

Drill Press General Information

The drill press is a versatile power machine that utilizes rotary motion for boring and drilling. Attachments can be added to allow for mortising, routing, shaping, and sanding. Drill presses generally come in floor or bench-top models. Sizes are given as twice the distance from the column to the center of the spindle. Many models have variable speeds as well as heads and tables that can be tilted or adjusted to add flexibility.

Drill Press Fundamentals:

. Tie back your hair if it falls forward when you tilt your head downward.
2. The larger the diameter of the bit, the slower the drill press should run. Always use the slowest speed with Forestner bits.
3. The thinner the material, the more likely it is that the bit will grab it. Sheet metal must be clamped to the drill press table unless you can grasp it in your hand at least 12" from the bit.
4. Support the underside of the stock to be drilled. Never drill into the drill press table.

Drill Press Safety Quiz Questions

. How are the sizes of the drill press determined?
2. If you are drilling into a thin material what should you always do?
3. What type of motion does the drill press use?
4. How is the speed of the drill press increased and decreased?
5. As you increase the size of the drill bit, what should you do to the speed of the machine?
6. What allows you to control the speed of the bit going into the material?

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