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MagLev Train Project
MagLev Train Project


Prototype/Model Design Requirements: 

Mass transportation should be a major means of travel in this country because of the ever growing population, the overcrowding of our highways with automobiles, the growing pollution problems and the high cost of fuel to mention a few.

Magnetic levitation has been identified as a possible solution to this ever growing problem.  Maglev vehicles have proven to be fast, quiet, efficient, and pollution free.

Design Brief:
You and your partner are employed by LaMotte INC an engineering firm which is competing with other firms for a contract from the state of Virginia to design a Magnetic Levitation vehicle which will travel from the city of Powhatan CH to Richmond.  You are required to design a prototype and build a working model that will win the contract for LaMotte INC.

This working model must travel from the starting gate, point A, to the finish gate, point B.  Distance is approximately 10 feet.  Your  vehicle will be suspended with four magnets and the propulsion system can use wind power or electricity.

Research Links:

One to two engineers per team 
Sketch thumbnails of Maglev vehicle ideas
Draw a final Maglev vehicle
Construct the Maglev vehicle
Make practice runs and make any modifications
Continue with daily Technology Log documenting your progress 

Materials: Drawing paper, Wood or Foamcore(5" to 6"), Magnets (4 - 3/4" X 1"), Cardboard/paper, Hot glue, Masking tape, Propeller  

You will be graded in the following manner:

* Vehicle levitates and successfully moves down the track to the finishing gate, point 'B', using wind or electricity as your source of power. 
*  Vehicle design and appearance 
* Final Maglev drawing 
*  In paragraph form, describe how your magnetic levitation vehicle tested and what would you have done differently to improve your prototype?

*All of this information will be put into a website create by the design team.