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TC File Menu
TurboCAD File Menu
  1. File Menu
  2. Edit Menu
  3. View Menu
  4. Insert Menu
  5. Format Menu
  6. Tools Menu
  7. Modify Menu
  8. Modes Menu
  9. Options Menu
  10. Window Menu
  11. Help Menu

TurboCAD File Menu
TurboCAD File Menu

The file menu is where you will find commands such as New File, Open, Save, Save as, Print, Print Preview. Down at the bottom of the file menu it will list the most recently opened TurboCAD Drawing files.
New File: creates a new Drawing
Open File: opens a previously saved drawing
Save: Saves a file in the same place as before
Save as: Allows you to save a new file any where you want.
Print: prints out the drawing
Print Preview: Shows what the printed page will look like.