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Engineering Stress Analysis
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Engineering Stress Analysis
In the Engineering & Stress Analysis module, students observe how severe weather, excessive weight, and other forces affect the integrity of structures, such as bridges and buildings. Students apply scientific principles that establish strength and endurance in construction projects, and explore educational and career opportunities in engineering and construction.
Module Details:
Students begin by learning the types of structures and their components, and the forces that act upon them. They also study the principles of size, shape, strength, and deflection of construction beams under load. For one of the hands-on experiences, students use a stress analyzer to test the stress and deflection of a structure. They also design objects, build them with balsa wood, and test the efficiency of these creations.

In the later segments of this module, students design, build, and test more complex structures. These activities help them realize their design skills and their abilities to put engineering principles to work. As a result, they look at buildings, bridges, and other structures with a much more knowledgeable perspective.

Topic Coverage:

  • Concepts of equilibrium, stress, strain and deflection, Hooke’s Law, tension and compression, elongation and shortening, shear and torsion, beam bending and deflection, fatigue and buckling, the Finite Element Method (FEM) as applied to the construction of buildings and bridges
  • Types and parts of structures and the forces that act upon them
  • Principles of size, shape, strength, and deflection of construction beams under load
    Completing your module

    Turn in the following information at the end of the module:


    A completed module report sheet for the module.  


    Staple the following Problem Solving Activities to your Introduction to technology module report.


    Lesson 1:

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