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Futuristic Business Card



It is 20 years from now. You have graduated from high school, and moved on with your life. You have been at your current job for approximately 3 years, and are looking for a job with increased responsibility as well as increased compensation and benefits. You are highly qualified individual. Sell yourself skills and all to the company of your choosing.


Find a Job to apply for using the job search engine.

Apply to a job that you are qualified for.


You must turn in the following information to successfully complete this project:

  1. Position for which you are applying to.
  2. Futuristic Cover letter to send to your prospective employer.
  3. Futuristic Resume
  4. Futuristic Business Card for your current job.


Find a Job:

Find and print out a job to apply for using


Cover Letter:

This needs to be tailored to the individual job.

Inform them as to why you are the most qualified candidate for the job.

Cite specific reasons on your resume.



  • Resume should be no more than one page typed.

Items to include in your resume:

  1. Name
  2. Phone #
  3. Fax #
  4. Email address
  5. Mailing address
  6. Website URL
  7. Objective
  8. Experience
  9. Education
  10. Interests


Futuristic Business Card:

(Business Card Dimensions: 2 X 3.5)

Include the following information on your futuristic business card:

  1. Company Logo
  2. Company Name
  3. Company Website URL
  4. Name
  5. Occupational Title
  6. Mailing address
  7. Phone Number
  8. Fax Number
  9. Email
  10. Digital Photo


You must turn in the following information to successfully complete this project:

Copy of Advertised Position,

Cover letter


Business Card