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Rube Goldberg Device

Using PowerPoint you will create an animated Rube Goldberg type of device.


  1. Your machine must have a name.
  2. Each step should have a description for that step.
  3. Your device must use all of the six simple machines in its design. All of the six simple machines must be clearly labeled on the design.

Pulley, Wedge, Wheel & Axle, Lever, Inclined Plane, Screw



You may choose one of the following tasks for your device or come up with your own.

        Turn on a TV

        Turn a page in a book

        Water a Plant

        Untie your shoe

        Feed your dog

        Press and shape cookie dough

        Hammer a nail

        Fry an egg

        Turn on a light

        Breaking an egg

        Opening a door

        Sharpening a pencil


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