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Basic Computer Concepts

Lesson Title
The following activity will give you an introduction to the computers used currently in the Technology lab. Answer the following questions on your own paper
Vocabulary Terms
Review Questions

2. What is the purpose of the following icons located on the windows 98 desktop?
  • Taskbar
  • My Computer
  • Recycle Bin

3. How do I shut down my computer?

4. How do I restart my computer?

5. How do I start a program?

6. What is wallpaper?

7. What is a font?

8. Can you explain font size?

9. What are drives?

10. What are folders?

11. What is Windows Explorer?

12. How do I open Windows Explorer?

13. How do I delete a file or folder?

14. How do I copy a file or folder?

15. How do I cut a file or folder?

16. How do I paste a file or folder?

17. How do I rename a file or folder?  

18. Can you explain the parts of a window?

19. Can I have more than one window open at a time?

20. How do I switch between windows?

21. How do the scrollbars work?

22. What is an icon?

23. What is a menu?

24. What is a shortcut key?

25. Explain cut, copy, and paste.

26. Are there any universals that apply to almost all programs?

27. Can you explain how to save a file?

28. What is a dialog box?

29. What are tabs?

30. What are fields?

31. What are list boxes?

32. What is a drop-down or pull-down menu?

33. What are radio buttons?

34. What are check boxes?

35. What is a slider?

36. What is a spinner?

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