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How Stuff Works Movie Topic:_______________________________APPROVED:___________


Presentations Start:_________________________

You will be putting together an Instructional movie that will be presented to the class on the LCD projector.

  1. Topics need to be selected from the how stuff works website
  2. 1 student per topic (NO DUPLICATES) (NO GROUPS)
  3. Sign up with Mr. LaMotte check and make sure the topic has not already been selected.
  4. Presentation must include legible text and graphics relating to the topic.
  5. Audio Narration must be clear and concise.
  6. Presentations must clearly explain the selected topic.
  7. Your Presentation should be a minimum of 3 minutes in length.
  8. Save your presentation on your network drive (S:) in your teched folder.
  9. The Introduction needs to have the following information.
    1. Student's Full Name
    2. Block
    3. Date
    4. Title of Topic
  10. You must also prepare a multiple choice 10 question quiz using MS word.