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In the biotechnology module, students realize the impact that technology has on our lives. Thought-provoking discussions and experiments make students more aware of technology and our everyday uses of it. These activities may inspire some students to explore ways of contributing to technological developments that help improve the quality of our lives.
Module Details:
Students explore how technology is used to create and alter biological systems: for example, the creation of an artificial habitat for animals in a zoo or the purification of water to make it safe to drink. They also learn about various applications of biotechnology, including ergonomics, bioengineering, bionics, health and medicine, nutrition, energy, genetics, and the environment.

The module also offers opportunities to create, implement, and evaluate experiments that simulate biotechnology applications. These activities involve use of a scientific microscope with prepared slides, a recycled papermaking kit, and interactive software programs. Students also discover advanced-education and career opportunities in the field of biotechnology.
Topic Coverage

  • Introduction to Biotechnology
  • Ergonomics and Microscope use
  • Bioengineering/Bionics
  • Health and Biotechnology
  • Environmental Issues
  • Impact of Biotechnology
  • Applications of biotechnology
  • Impact of technology on biological systems
  • Ethical issues and applications of technology in biological sciences (including hydroponics, ergonomics, bioengineering, bionics and genetics, health, medicine, diagnostics, nutrition), environmental issues and legislation, and energy
  • Advantages and disadvantages of advancements in biotechnology
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