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The Meteorology and Forecasting module offers hands-on activities that illustrate how weather patterns are recognized and forecasts are developed. Students gain fundamental knowledge about weather and meteorology, and learn about instruments and computer-based tools that are used to predict the weather.

Module Details:

Introductory segments of this module provide general knowledge about weather, including the types of wind and how storms develop and travel. Students learn about meteorology and how satellites, weather maps, barometers, and other devices are used to predict weather. The module also demonstrates the connection between weather and recycling of the earth’s water.

Students enhance their knowledge and develop technical skills through use of authentic weather-forecasting equipment. They operate a ground-based weather station to collect information from satellites and regional stations. With their understanding of this data, as well as information from weather maps, they develop local and national weather forecasts. These learning experiences could generate a strong interest in weather-related careers, which also are presented during this module.

A similar module, Satellite Communications (40024), may be used to complement this module.

Topic Coverage:

  • Meteorology terms
  • Types of satellites used in weather forecasting
  • Types of wind
  • How storms develop and travel
  • Severe weather events
  • The role of weather in recycling the earth’s water