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We often hear the advice to "Stay in school."




  • More education equals more pay and less chance of unemployment.
  • Earnings go up with every year of school completed and get an extra boost when a degree program is completed.
  • Education pays off because better educated workers learn tasks more easily and are usually more organized.
  • Remember that differences in earnings can occur within academic disciplines and that the occupation you choose will make a definite difference in your earning capacity.
  • Educational Attainment
    Average Annual Salary
    Unemployment Rate
    Not a High School Graduate
    High School Graduate
    Some College no degree

    Associate's Degree

    Bachelor's Degree
    Master's Degree

    Ten Most Wanted Skills

    1. Analytical Thinking: The ability to generate and weigh a number of alternative solutions and to make a sound decision regarding a plan of action.

    1. Researching: The ability to search for needed data and to use references to obtain appropriate information.

    1. Organizing: The ability to arrange systems and routines to maintain order.

    1. Speaking:  The ability to express oneself fluently and intelligently.

    1. Writing: The ability to use proper spelling and grammar to express ideas.

    1. Human Relations and Interpersonal: The ability to relate well to persons from varied backgrounds.

    1. Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning: An understanding of the basic concepts and principles of mathematical and scientific processes.

    1. Ethical Applications: The ability to apply moral standards and appreciate values in the work setting.

    1. Understanding of Technology: The ability to apply basic principles of technology, including keyboarding and data manipulation.

    1. Career Planning: The cultivation of a personal sense of direction and desire for improvement, including a willingness to learn