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Binary Code

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What is binary code?

Binary numbers are used to represent all information in the digital world. They're similar to our decimal system, which uses the digits 0 to 9, except binary uses only 0 and 1.

Binary is handy because now we can easily use something physical to represent numbers. For instance we could use a laser. When it's on you know it means '1' and when it's off you know it means '0'.

When we write numbers in decimal, it's the position or place of the number that tells us what its real value is. With 246 for example, the 6 at the end is six ones, the 4 in the middle is four tens and the 2 is two hundreds. Each place or position is 10 times greater than the previous position.

The binary number system also uses place to give value, but as we have only 2 numbers to work with each place or position is only 2 times greater than the one before.

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