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EP internet Links
In your electronic portfolio create a new page of hyperlinks to internet websites. Follow the instructions below. Be certain to follow the theme of your other pages through out your portfolio.
Find the following websites using a search engine. Create a page for these links to be displayed on. Create a hyperlink for each of the following websites. You will need to search for the URL for the following websites using a search engine. Examples of search engines. google, yahoo, dogpile , or excite. Make certain that you have a link back to your index page.
  1. Powhatan County's Website
  2. Powhatan County Public Schools Website
  3. Powhatan High Schools website
  4. Mr. LaMotte's Teched Website
  5. 3 Local TV News websites
  6. A Local Newspapers Website
  7. 2 National News Websites
  8. A website that displays the local weather.
  9. 4 different search engines