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Polymaze Assignment:

  1. Log in using your personal student account so that you will have access to your networked modern technology folder.
  2. Design a Maze using the polyline command and the polar coordinates.
  3. Use the text tool to create a starting and ending points for your maze.
  4. Your Maze should be no bigger than 7” X 10”, the distance between the walls of your maze should be no wider than ”  
  5. Save the maze in the modern technology folder name the file polymaze
  6. Select the entire maze with the select tool (AKA: the arrow).
  7. Copy the maze (Ctrl+C)
  8. Paste (Ctrl+V) the polymaze into a new electronic portfolio page called polymaze.htm in Microsoft Front Page.
  9. Save all work to the S: drive
  10. Test out your portfolio in Internet Explorer.
  11. Be certain that all of the links work.

Ex. 2D polyline maze

Ex. wireframe of 3D maze

Ex. 3d maze with hiddenlines suppressed

Ex. 3D rendered maze (Low Resolution)