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Digital Video Editing
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Digital Video Editing
In the Digital Video Editing module, students learn how videos are edited to create outtake-free presentations and how audio content is dubbed into videos. They also explore educational and career opportunities in the field of video editing.
Module Details:
Through this module, students gain a behind-the-scenes view of how films are made. Students begin acquiring the skills that professionals use to create seamless, error-free films.

Students begin by learning how to care for, handle, and operate video editing equipment. Then, they develop skills by creating their own video presentations. Students also observe the entire post-production process, and use their new skills and knowledge to finalize videos so they match original scripts. This foundation prepares students to employ advanced techniques in creating more sophisticated sound effects, narration, and titling.

Topic Coverage:
  • Care, handling, and operation of video editing equipment
  • Editing and dubbing techniques
  • Video post-production process
  • Special effects, narration, and titling
    Completing your module

    Turn in the following information at the end of the module:


    A completed module report sheet for the module.

    Add a page to your electronic portfolio for this module


    Staple the following Problem Solving Activities to your Introduction to technology module report.

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