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Residential Modeling - 3D Design & Construction

Residential Modeling - 3D Design & Construction
File Downloads

click here to download Introduction to Technology Module Report

Introduction to Technology
The 3-D Design & Construction Modeling module teaches basic construction techniques. Students learn how to read basic blueprints and construct various frame members, and they develop various construction-related skills, such as drawing, measuring and calculating. Team projects reinforce these abilities, as well as brainstorming and problem-solving skills.
Module Details:
Topic Coverage:
  • Measuring for a floorplan
  • Creating Wall Elevation Sketches
  • Create a Final Floorplan
  • Create a Final Wall elevation drawing
  • Assemble a 3D scale model of the room
  • Roofs
  • Circles and Polygons
  • Floor area puzzle
  • 3D home design software
  • Complete 3D Home floorplan
Completing your module

Turn in the following information at the end of the module:

  1. A completed module report sheet for the module.
  2. All drawing an activties done on loose leaf paper should be stapled to your module report.


Staple the following Problem Solving Activities to your Introduction to technology module report.