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Computer Servicing & Repair
The Computer Servicing and Repair module equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and solve PC operation problems. Students are engaged in hands-on applications with the internals of the computer, such as the video and audio cards, and the software drivers that cause them to function properly.
Module Details:
Students begin by learning the five parts of a computer system and how to work safely with electricity and electronics equipment. They explore the purpose and functioning of computer operating systems, understand the basic building blocks of personal computers, and gain experience with personal-computer repair tools.

In later segments of this module, students develop and apply more advanced skills, including troubleshooting, upgrading a system, running diagnostic routines, assembling and disassembling hardware, inserting and removing cards, and expanding connections on a system. They also develop a thorough comprehension of how data is grouped within computers and on storage media.

Topic Coverage:
  • Basic parts of computers
  • Data and storage
  • Operating system
  • Software
  • Basic DOS commands
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Repair problems and solutions
  • Directories and subdirectories
  • CONFIG.SYS and AUTO.BAT files
  • Cable connections
  • Hardware upgrades
  • BIOS and CMOS
  • Five parts of a computer system
  • Safety requirements of working with electricity and electronics equipment
  • Functions of the tools and instruments used to repair personal computers
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