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Computer Software Applications


The Computer Software Applications module demonstrates the many uses and advantages of computer software. Students gain experience with word processing, database, spreadsheet, and graphics programs, and discover the importance of these programs for business. They also explore related careers.

Module Details:

This module introduces how business software has made it possible to more efficiently perform routine office tasks, such as bookkeeping and file management, as well as more complex business responsibilities, such as long-range planning and strategic communications.

Students gain experience with various software programs. They produce and print reports, and they explore the use and value of various computer functions, especially with spreadsheets and databases. For example, they may realize how targeted data searches could reveal a pattern of customers’ purchases or a rising need in a market. Other computer programs can be used to develop strategic plans to meet these needs and, therefore, help a business succeed.

In addition, students explore their creative talents with graphics software. Projects include creating computer graphics and incorporating them into business documents, and designing flyers using both text and clip art. These activities also help students realize the significant impact that creativity, combined with effective use of computer tools, has on business.

Topic Coverage:

  • Use of business software in performing routine office tasks
  • Definition, operating system, and use of computer software applications
  • Word processing software
  • Drawing/graphics software
  • Spreadsheets software
  • Database software
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