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Electronic Music
In the Electronic Music module, students explore the tools and techniques of creating electronic music and sound effects, and develop a basic knowledge of musical elements from rhythm to melody and harmony. They also develop skills and explore their creativity by producing sounds with highly advanced electronic equipment.
Module Details:
Through this module, students discover how music groups and others in the entertainment industry create sound qualities and rhythms with electronic equipment. They explore the possibilities presented by computers, and they learn how sounds and musical compositions are transformed, saved, recalled and outputted with computers. With this foundation of knowledge and awareness of what can be achieved, students create simple compositions and sound effects.

In the later sections of this module, students further explore the creation of sound and musical arrangements by using synthesizers and computerized audio systems. Multi-tracking and other versatile functions of the synthesizer are presented. Students also become familiar with the instruments in a drum set and how they are used to create rock beats. Career opportunities in fields that use electronic music and sound effects also are highlighted during this module.

Topic Coverage:
  • Basic music theory
  • Musical elements (melody, rhythm, harmony, bass)
  • Functions of the keyboard and recording process
  • Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) Translator Interface technology
  • Synthesizer and other digital musical instruments
  • Using computers to transform sounds and music, and save and output compositions
  • Drum set instruments and creation of a rock beat
  • Multi-tracking technique
  • Sound effects
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