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Exploring Electricity

Labvolt Exploring Electricity Trainer

Through the Exploring Electricity module, students discover how electrical circuits are built and tested, and the scientific principles that explain how circuits and other components make electric devices operate. With an understanding of these inner workings and future possibilities, students may consider careers in electrical science, which also are presented during this module.
Module Details:
Through this module, students acquire knowledge of electricity that leads to more informed and therefore, more meaningful, observations of how electricity is generated and how it works. Students learn about circuits and a range of scientific principles – including series/parallel logic, Ohm’s Law, Voltage Divider Law, and Current Divider Law -- that explain how electricity helps operate such a wide variety of devices and systems.

Practical learning activities help students reinforce their knowledge and develop technical skills. For one project, they use electrical leads to build a variety of circuits. In another experiment, they use digital multimeters to measure characteristics of circuits. As a result of these interactive experiences, students develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of electricity.

Topic Coverage:

Concepts of series circuits, parallel circuits, series/parallel logic, three-way switches, volts, amperes and ohms, Ohm’s Law, Voltage Divider Law, Current Divider Law, electromechanical switches

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