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In the Animation module, students learn about the history of animation and the technology involved in creating computer-generated animations. Several skill-building activities may reveal creative talents, which could inspire students to pursue a plethora of careers in the field of animation.
Module Details:
Students explore the history of animation and its expanding use in movies, videos, and cartoons. Sophisticated computer-animation software, and applications for both software and video also are presented. During these lessons, students create and implement short topic videos – enjoyable projects that allow them to gain a sense of their talents and interests.
The module introduces more advanced animation tools and techniques, which students use to produce more videos. They also develop storyboards to plan animated movies. In addition, students create computer-generated cartoon characters, animals and people. Advanced-education and career opportunities in animation, as well as animation technology, also are explored throughout the program.
Topic Coverage
  • History of animation
  • Animation software and video applications
  • Computers as animation tools
  • Software principles and techniques
  • Creating animated videos
  • Career options in the field of animation
  • Related Internet Links