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What is a Module???


Module Activities Include:
Pre-Test: This is the first test in a module. You will receive a participation grade for taking this test. The grade you receive is testing your knowledge on the subject before taking the module.
Workbook Activities: The workbook activities cover the projects, labs, and activitys to complete in the module. These activities include: crossword puzzles, questions, etc.
Post-Test: This is the last test of the module. It evaluates how well you improved you knowledge in this subject. The grade you recieve on this test does count. Please study and take your time on the test. (REMEMBER YOU CAN TAKE THE POST-TEST UP TO 3 TIMES.)
Module Report: This is a multiple paragraph report about the module.
Things to include in your module report:
1. Name:
2. Module Name:
3. Block:
4. Summary of the what you learned in the module.
5. Module Keywords.
6. Module Outline


Modern Technology Students learning in a modular environment.

Module Selection:
Early in the Modern Technology Experience students will select their module choices for the duration of the course.
  • Students will rank all of the modules in order from 1-19. 
  • A number 1 being the module that they would most likely want to be placed in, and 19 being the module that they would not want to be placed in.
  • Once this is done the module selection sheets will be shuffled for a random amount of time to be determined by the instructor.
  • All students will be assigned a module.
  • Only 2 Students can work in a module.
  • After all students have been assigned a module a request for module relocation will be entertained by the instructor.

Answer the following 10 Questions.

1. What is a Module?
2. How many modules are in the modern technology lab?
3. What kind of grade do you receive for a module pre-test?
4. How many times can you take a module post test?
5. How do you select the modules you are interesting in taking?
6. What is a Module Report?
7. (True/False) After all the modules have been assigned can you ask for a module change.
8. How many students can work together in a module?
9. What module are you most interested in taking?
10. What module are you least interested in taking?