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How Stuff Works PPT

Assignment:  How Stuff Works PowerPoint

You will be putting together a PowerPoint presentation that shows how a technology works.


Each student will complete their own Powerpoint.


1.      Your topic needs to be approved by the instructor.

2.      Your presentation should include graphics and text that relate to your topic.

3.      Your presentation will need to clearly explain your subject

4.      Your Presentation should have a minimum of 10 slides

5.      Slide 1 needs to have the following information:

a.       Title of the Presentation

b.      Students first and last names.

c.       Modern Technology

d.      Block

6.      Your presentation should be saved on to the harddisk in a folder in the My Documents folder.

8. Also save the presentation as a Web Page in this folder.

7. Turn in a print out of the outline of your presentation to Mr. LaMotte. Once this project is completed you will be allowed to sign up for module rotation #3.


I suggest using the How Stuff Works website as a resource: