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Introduction to Technology
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Introduction to Technology
With the new “Introduction to Technology” module, teachers orient students to the universal concepts of technology. After the entire class has completed the five orientation lessons, students are prepared to successfully complete modules that focus on particular technology fields.
Module Details:
This module is essential for building students’ technological literacy, which includes understanding the nature of technology and the impact it has on students’ lives. Students learn how to appropriately use technological devices and processes, the steps involved in the design process, problem-solving strategies, the Technology Systems Model and Technological Developments.

Technological literacy is a necessary foundation to ensure effective and meaningful learning throughout the technology-specific modules. With this foundation, students can better understand the significance of each technology discipline and to develop solid technical skills.

Topic Coverage:
  • The Power of Technology: Students gain an understanding of the nature of technology and explore the importance for people to obtain the ability to use, manage and understand technology.
  • The Universals of Technology: Students begin to explore the universals of technology -- processes, knowledge and context -- and learn that one cannot exist without the other.
  • Understanding the Processes: Students learn the processes for the universals of technology: designing and developing technological systems; determining and controlling the behavior of technological systems; utilizing technological systems; and assessing the impact and consequences of technological systems.
  • Technological Knowledge: Students explore the technological knowledge for the universals of technology -- nature and evolution of technology, linkages, and technological concepts and principles – and discover how technological processes are developed, applied and used.
  • Technological Contexts: Students examine the three categories of the technological contexts for the universals of technology: informational systems, physical systems and biological systems.
    Completing your module

    Turn in the following information at the end of the module:


    A completed module report sheet for the module.  


    Staple the following Problem Solving Activities to your Introduction to technology module report.


    Lesson 1: The Power of Technology

    Problem Solving Activity: The student will develop a timeline of important technological developments made in the communication technological system.


    Lesson 2: The Universals of Technology

    Problem Solving Activity: Students drawings designing two new plants and two new animals.


    Lesson 3: Understanding the Processes

    Problem Solving Activity: The student will think of at least one system that produces several outputs and identify the outputs as desirable, undesirable, expected, or unexpected.


    Lesson 4: Technological Knowledge

    Problem Solving Activity: The student will gather anthropometric data and use it to design a bike helmet. The Design will show a cross section of a bike helmet and include the different materials use in its construction.


    Lesson 5: Technological Contexts

    Problem Solving Activity:

    The student will think of ways that an existing product can be improved. The student will design two new tools.