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TURBO CAD V9 Tutorial


Start > All Programs > IMSI Turbo Cad Designer V9>IMSI Turbo Cad Designer V9

Once Turbo CAD starts Click:

Help > Tutorial


On the Right side is the tutorial menu.

Complete all of the following tutorials.

  • User Interface Overview
  • Draw simple line objects
  • Draw simple round objects
  • Perform basic editing
  • Use basic drawing tools

Once finished with all of the tutorials complete the following tasks:

  • Draw a circle with a 3 diameter
  • Draw a rectangle that is 2x4
  • Draw a triangle inside of the rectangle
  • Use these tools to make a drawing of a futuristic vehicle.
  • Type your name and block in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Save the drawings in your teched folder on your S: Drive
  • Print Preview make certain that your drawing fits on one sheet of paper
  • Print the drawing.
  • Give the drawing to Mr. LaMotte.