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Computer Use Policy

Computer Use Policy

All use of the Powhatan County Public Schools computers, computer systems, and technology equipment shall be consistent with the school boards goal of promoting educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. The term computer system includes hardware, software, data, communication lines and devices, terminals, printers, CD-ROM devices, tape drives, servers, mainframe, and personal computers, the Internet and any other internal or external network.


Acceptable Use

Access to the divisions computer system shall be (1) for the purposes of education and research and be consistent with the education objectives of the school division or (2) for legitimate school business.




The use of the Divisions computer system is a privilege not a right.


Unacceptable Use


Each User is responsible for his or her actions on the computer system


Prohibited conduct includes:


  • Using the network for any illegal activity including violation of copyright or other contacts, or transmitting any material in violation of any federal, state, or local law. Users will be personally responsible for illegal publication or copying or copyrighted material.
  • Sending, receiving, viewing or downloading illegal material via the computer system.
  • Unauthorized downloading of software. Technology Department approval is required prior to downloading or  loading software on school computers.
  • Using the computer system for private financial or commercial gain.
  • Wastefully using resources such as file space.
  • Gaining unauthorized access to resources or entity
  • Posting material authorized or created by another without his or her consent.
  • Using the computer system for commercial or private advertising
  • Vandalizing the computer system, including destroying data by creating or spreading viruses by other means.


Network Etiquette:

Each user is expected to abide by generally accepted rules of etiquette, including the following:


  • Be Polite
  • Users shall not forge, intercept or interfere with electronic mail messages.
  • Use appropriate language. The used of obscene, lewd, profane, threatening or disrespectful language is prohibited. Policies prohibiting sexual harassment apply to communication on school division computer systems.
  • Users shall respect the computer systems resource limits.
  • Users shall not post chain letter or download large files.
  • Users shall not use the computer system to disrupt others.
  • Used shall not read, modify, or delete data owned by others.